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Mistress Lucilla | BDSM | Sydney BBW Fetish Dominatrix


New Winter Dungeon Playlist

As a BDSM practitioner, it is my job to deliver an excellent BDSM experience (in various forms) each and every time I see you. While I spend a lot of time curating and sourcing the best kinky equipment I can and keeping as technically up-to-speed as possible, I place just as much importance of creating the right dungeon ambience for my sessions.

Queue my new winter playlist.

I believe it’s important to have all senses engaged in session. What you hear (or don’t hear) is linked to creating memory recall of your time with me and also helps set the pace and flow of the session.

The tracks selected have been carefully selected to give the experience of light and shade from artists I love, giving you a little insight into my tastes.

Put it on shuffle, light all the candles you have and think about how much better it would be if I had you gagged and bound to a bench.

Link below: